Project Pretty
In 250 days I will completely change appearance.

Day 5 of 250: 1st September 2014

My bike came but I’m coming down with a cold, I assembled it and took it for a test ride though.
My intake would be lower since I decided I need to stop eating when I’m not hungry so I’ve been leaving things on my plate.
Cigarettes: 2
I’m considering quitting smoking.

Day 4 of 250: 31st August 2014

I changed my calorie goal/rules. 

My daily limit is 1400 and I’m not allowed to eat exercise calories back. 

I’m weighing in tomorrow.

Intake: 1320

Cigarettes: 2

No bike :c

It should be here tomorrow of the day after. I can’t wait to start riding it to school. 

Day 3 of 250: 30th August 2014

Felt sick after a spoonful of Nutella so no mono. I had a spoonful of condensed milk, 3-6 crisps from two different bags and the toppings off one slice of pizza. I was the only one who actually came over with the intention of sleeping over and I left at 1:30 am. I vomited because of all the chocolate I ate while gossiping. I don’t mind because this means I get to start the day at my own house so I know how much I’m eating. 

No bike in the mail yet. :c

Cigarettes: 9

Day 2 of 250: 29th August 2014

Intake: 1157

Cigarettes: 3

I’m staying at my friends house tomorrow so I think I’ll do a two day Nutella mono with 0 calorie beverages so they don’t think I’m dieting. 

Day 1 of 250: 28th August 2014

Intake: 2005 Calories + A piece of my friends birthday cake. 

Today was okay, I purchased a bike.

It will be at my house in 3-5 days and I plan on riding it daily. 

I was a lot over my calorie limit today, it won’t happen again after this week. I’m staying at my friends house for her birthday, I hope I don’t eat too much.

I had four cigarettes, tomorrow I’ll have three and then cut back to two a day.